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One Little Finger Advocacy Group for Disabled Persons

Founded by Malini Chib, the One Little Finger Department (formerly the ADAPT Rights Group) will work to empower and advocate for the rights of disabled people, for their representation in public policy and inclusion in the community. In the process, changing the public attitude towards disabled people, from charity to support. And for their right to participate in everyday life.

This dedicated community of young able and disabled activists conducts awareness and empowerment courses for private and public sector companies, for people with and without disability. The Group does access audits for corporations to determine if their premises are disability-friendly.  It also advocates for disability-friendly public places, work spaces and transportation according to the law of the land, as set out in the Persons with Disability Act 1995.

The Group’s efforts have made many public places across Mumbai accessible to disabled people, to mention a few, the Bombay High Court, IMAX cinema hall, Adlabs cinema halls, Y.B. Chavan Auditorium, World Trade Centre, N.C.P.A., The Nehru Centre, Mumbai, Water Kingdom and Haiku Supermarket, Powai.

The Group also works in urban slums, rural areas and tribal areas to provide a platform for disabled people to voice their grievances and concerns.


(Subheading) The ADAPT Rights Group (ARG)

Taking advocacy to the national level, the National ADAPT Rights Group (NARG) partners with other organizations, through advocacy and activism, to push for the equal rights of persons with disability, and for a more inclusive India.

ARG’s activities:

  • Informing and empowering persons with disability about their legal, civil and service rights
  • Providing advocacy training and empowerment courses
  • Creating awareness about the plight of disabled people in India through print, electronic and social media and public events
  • Making government and corporates remove barriers to accessibility in their buildings
  • Judicial, social and educational advocacy for disabled people
  • Bringing able and disabled people together in organizations and self-help groups.
  • Conducting access audits of public places
  • Organizing protest marches, rallies, and demonstrations to promote inclusion.
  • Raising revenue for various activities

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