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Striving to make India a
Disability-Friendly Nation.
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“Children and adults with disabilities have a Right to Education, Health Services & Employment – that’s our movement. Join us!”
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“They are part of us. Count them in!”
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Letter from Dr. Mithu Alur

Founder Chairperson

We are all born equal. Each one of us with a unique set of circumstances, skills, bodies, talents and emotional and logical intelligence that allow us to fully realise our potential and know ourselves as we truly are. However it is also remarkably true that human beings have been created to achieve this potential collectively - thereby uplifting not just themselves but also the entire human race in the process. The individual uniqueness creates a complementary whole in such a manner that all exclusions lead to an incompleteness not just in the harmony and evolution of the human race, but also percolates down to the individual often experienced as anxiety, loneliness, conflict and fear.

It is therefore critical for the evolution of our race that we create a world with a commitment and action for equality, inclusion and empowerment

Right from the beginning, ADAPT has endeavoured to create a civil society movement built on the bedrock of social justice and human rights. The overall frame of reference has been to change value systems in our country about people who are different; to be able to tolerate diversity and difference.  Achieving this requires the full inclusion and effective participation of persons with disabilities in society and development.

It has not been easy and we have carried on despite the many ups and downs in our journey and have been able to reach out to the poorest disabled child not getting any services. Through our models of intervention we have clearly demonstrated them as people with potential and ability, whose contribution is equally critical to the development of a society that nurtures itself and evolves to greater perfection.

We have a long way to go in changing attitudes towards disability. Inclusion needs each one of us to reach out to people who are different, to value, respect, and celebrate diversity. We need a value system which is inclusive and supports economic inclusiveness, and promotes values of philanthropy and altruism in the country, through schools, colleges, companies.

Our battles against entrenchments, barriers, attitudes, insensitivity and apathy still continue. On the other hand, we have been blessed with volunteers, parents, disabled activists, all my professional colleagues and staff, who have supported me through the years, with earnest diligence, sincere passion and commitment, without whose professional support, love and affection, I could not have managed.

Our journey has to continue…. we will continue building up a sustainable model introducing reformative action and systemic changes constantly engaging with the government, demonstrating how disabled people can be a part of us. Our endeavour will always remain to raise the quality of life for them. We will continue to strive tirelessly till we reach our goal – an inclusive society where there are no divisions between people with and without disability, where not a single person is left behind.

But we cannot do it alone.

We need all of your support to reach our dreams of nation building and of building a disability friendly India.

Founder Chairperson, ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India)

Goodwill Ambassador

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Goodwill Ambassador

Kalki Kochelein

Renowned Actress, the lead role in Award Winning film “ Margarita with a Straw” was inspired by disability activist Ms Malini Chib.

To find your voice and then to join a chorus that enhances it, this is the beauty of inclusion. Without diversity, there is no harmony and without inclusion, there is no music.

Celebrity Speak


Sonali Bose

I grew up in an inclusive family and that made me grow and learn from my cousin, just as much as I benefited my cousin with a disability. Inclusion benefits EVERYONE. And a world without it is like a world with narrow divisive barriers that feels like prison to me.

Diya Mirza

"The world can never be equal for all people unless each of us learns to be inclusive. All people have the right to a life of dignity, opportunity and growth."

Nilesh Maniyar

Sow a seed, nurture it and grow a tree. Never know who will stop by and take shelter in their journey” That’s what Adapt is for me. A vision that comforts and Includes all.

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Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Inclusion Matters

The six-week online course, conducted for 4 hours a day, four days a week, supported by ADAPT and The Women’s Council, U.K, is in five clusters: Exclusion of Disabled…

Disabled People’s Organizations and The Social Model of Disability

The six-week online course, conducted for 4 hours a day, four days a week, supported by ADAPT and The Women’s Council, U.K, is in five clusters: Exclusion of Disabled…

Community Initiatives in Inclusion (CII) for the Asia Pacific Countries

The CII Course is run in two phases: a residential 14 week course for Master Trainers and Planners of inclusive services in the community in the Asia Pacific Region and a three months of…

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Film Director

Nilesh Maniyar

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