Mithu Alur

Managing Trustee and Founder Chairperson

Sitanshu Mehta


Malini Chib

the Founder and Chairperson

Priya Dutt Roncon

Former Parliamentarian and Trustee

Nikhil Chib

Honorary Treasurer

Varsha Hooja

Trustee and Head Pedalogy

Dr. Rupin Shah


Usha Ramakrishnan

Member, Trustee Board

Jayabrato Chatterjee

Member, Trustee Board

Deepak Kalra

Member, Governing Body

Shonali Bose

An award-winning filmmaker of International renown

Vishal Bakshi

Member, Governing Body

Dr. Sanjay Nagral

A surgeon from Mumbai with practice focused on Surgical Gastroenterology, Hepatopancreatobiliary surgery & Liver Transplantation

Dr. Taral Nagda

Is Head of Department of Paediatric Orthopaedics at SRCC NH Children’s Hospital and Director of Jupiter Gait Lab

Surajit Nundy

leads Raxa Health


Dr. Samiran Nundy

President, ADAPT & Co – Chairperson

Dr. Farokh Udwadia

President, ADAPT & Co – Chairperson

Surajit Nundy

leads Raxa Health

Dr. Mithu Alur

Researcher, lecturer, author of several books and papers

Dr. Armida Fernandez

The Founder Trustee of the Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action (SNEHA)

Dr. Anaita Hegde

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw

MBE, Head of Psychology at Kensington and Chelsea PCT

Dr. Anuradha Sovani

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Ms. Malini Chib

Holds two International Masters’ degrees: in Women’s Studies from the Institute of Education

Action Research Meeting

Surajit Nundy

leads Raxa Health

Mrs. Varsha Hooja

Trustee and Head Pedagogy

Dr. Shabnam Rangwala

Director Community Services and a Paediatric Occupational therapist

Ms. Sangeeta Jagtiani Vaswani

Holds a post – graduate degree in commerce, is a qualified Special Educator by profession and has worked at ADAPT

Mrs. Shobha Sachdev

The organisation’s Director, Marketing. She also lectures on ADAPT’s Training Programmes and participates in the research projects

Dr. Namita Nair

paediatric physiotherapist and The Director, ADAPT

Mrs. Madhavi Kumar

As a trainer/facilitator in Inclusive Employment at ADAPT

Mrs. Reshma Tanna

Special Educator & a Counseling Psychologist working in the field of disability

Dr. Maneeta Sawhney

A Ph. D in Sociology and has been at ADAPT

Mrs. Gulab Sayyed

The Deputy Director of Community Services at ADAPT

Board of Advisors

Mr. Shyam Benegal

Former Member of the Rajya Sabha, renowned filmmaker and activist for social change

Kalki Koechlin

an Indian actor, writer, and director, regularly participates in various social campaigns to promote education for children living in rural India and disabled children

Mrs. Vera Udwadia

Committed to the cause of disability and along with her husband, IRB Member, Dr Farokh Udwadia

Mr. V. Ranganathan

formerly Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra. He has been associated with Dr. Alur’s work

Mr. Nagesh Kukunoor

an award-winning filmmaker. He has been ADAPT’s Ambassador for the Mumbai Marathon and has supported most of ADAPT’s events

Ms. Dia Mirza

An actor and producer and is known for her involvement in social causes

Dr. Ragini Sen

One of the leading researchers in the field of Socio-Political research in India and has been a Consultant to the World Bank

Mr. Jamshed Mistry

Appears as Counsel in the Supreme Court and in various High Courts all over India

Anup Patnaik


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