Dr. Mithu Alur

Founder Chairperson

Padmashree Dr. Mithu Alur, Founder Chairperson of ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India) is an educationist, social reformer, researcher, author and an academic activist. She has been closely involved with education, healthcare and employment, for children and young adults, leading to social change, legislation and social policy for more than 50 years. Dr. Alur has produced cost-effective methodologies to address educational needs of children and has published extensively, nationally and internationally, on issues of disability rights and the ‘Hows’ of educating disabled and disadvantaged children within a challenging framework of exclusion and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Dr. Alur set up The Spastics Society of India (SSI) in Mumbai in 1972. This was the first special school in India for children with multiple disabilities, providing them education, treatment, and looking after their socio-emotional development under one roof and which was presented the National Award for the Best Voluntary Agency in 1987. This model has been replicated in 29 of the States of the country. In the area of pedagogy, Dr Alur has initiated training programmes for parents, teachers, government officials, Master Trainers, social workers, therapists, doctors and community workers. Dr Alur has also served on several government committees including the Central Advisory Board for Education (CABE) the highest advisory board on education in the country.

Malini Chib

Malini Chib, is a freelance writer, author, researcher, activist and advocate of equal opportunities and full participation for the disabled. She is a Trustee of ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India) and a member of ADAPT’s Research Action Committee of the Institutional Review Board. A Double Masters’ from the University of London, one in Women’s Studies and the other in Information Management and Technology, she has moved the Society’s service delivery mold from Charity to Rights and formed the ADAPT Rights Group (ARG), a unique inclusive group that brought together persons with and without disability that looks at issues concerning access, attitudes and empowerment. She has published several articles and presented papers in international and national conferences. Her debut autobiographical work was a book called One Little Finger, published by Sage, which contributed tremendously to awareness about disability and in recognition of this, she was honoured with the National Award by the Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment (MOSJE) Government of India, for being a role model in spreading awareness for persons with disability. She plays a key role in the Training, Pedagogy and Library Service areas and conducts Empowerment and Sensitization Courses for individuals, corporates, parents, professionals and activists with disabilities, and lectures nationally and internationally. At present, Malini is a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Team at Tata Sons, Mumbai

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