With all our heart, we thank all our individual donors, service organizations and foundations who have supported us generously over the years – we are grateful that there are too many of them to name individually.

A big thank you, too, to our corporate donors, both past and present, who have helped us fulfil our vision and expand our reach.


1Azim Premji Philanthopic Initiatives Private Limited
2Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
3United Way of Mumbai - Citi Payroll Funding
4Bloomberg Data Services India Private Limited
5The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
6Church of Sweden Aid, Lutherhjalpen
7Infogain India Private Limited
8Lila Polymers Private Limited
9The Lotus Trust
10Worley India Limited
11Raymonds Group of Companies
12SBI Funds Management Private Limited
13Union Bank Social Foundation
14The Women’s Council, UK
15United Way Worldwide
16Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited
17SBI Mutual Fund


A pool of ADAPT’s restricted funds was initiated in 1972 and has been growing at a steady pace with support from national and international donors. The funds are invested as per statutory requirements and the yield from them makes a critical contribution in sustaining our services. We also take this opportunity to thank our donors who have donated restricted funds.

1Administrator of Estate of Captain Rameshwar Lal
4Ampi Agencies Private Limited
5Arun Vishnu Dingwaney
6Bank of America
7Central Bank of India
8Dnyana Sadhana Trust
9Framji Mehta Family Charity Trust
10Freni Mohammed Ali Merchant Trust
11Hamied Foundation
12Hira Mansukhani
13House of Cheer
14Indian Dietetic Association
15Indiana Cable Trays
16James and Edith Curral
17Kangaroo Kids Balatmajyoti Trust
18Karita Benevolent Foundation
19Kayumer Mehta
20Late Irene Ezekiel
21Junie Sethi
22Kersy Katrak
24Major R.G.Salvi
25Nihalchand Puri
26P. B. Sanghvi
27Shree Chotelal Shah
28Shri Manek Phiroz Eddie Bharucha
29Lila Polymers
30Madhubala Chinchalkar
31Mahalaxmi Thakkar
32Mohan Valrani
33Mohna Thakur
34Neelam Valrani
35Nikita Daimond
36P.V.Subbab Rao (Rajiv Anand)
37Priyanka Ganesh
38Ram Kapur Charitable Trust
39Ritu Garg
40Samir Bhojwani
41Sangita Vaswani
42Santokba Durlabhji Trust
43Sarita and Suresh Bhupal Bahirsheth Trust
44Savi Thakur
45Seymore Consultant
46Shantaben Ambalal Trust
47Sharda Pravin Shah
48Shonali Bose
49Sri Bhupal Anna Bahirsheth Memorial Trust
50Sultani Noorani
51Swati Shahbadi
52The Bina Sareen 2014 Living Trust
53Triveni Kalyan Foundation
54Utsav Shah
55Veena Vishnu Digwaney
56Vikram Tannan
57Vishnu Satrandas Dingwaney


Whilst we would like to acknowledge every one of our international partners and funding agencies for having supported and believed in the organization’s work. Constraint of space prevents us from listing all individually. These collaborations have been instrumental in establishing flagship projects and leaving a mark in the disability sector in the country and we are grateful to each of our international partners. 

Your Donations can Change their Daily Life Style