ADAPT has always thrived due to the constant support of its volunteers and interns who have a vital role to play to make it a place of transformational action. Since years now, in line with our Founder Chairperson’s vision and the mandate, ADAPT has focused on inclusion. This vision has had a great impression on the community. It has guided not just our services in education, but in fact, has been applied in all areas of our work. Those we include in our efforts to make inclusion a tangible reality across the globe; those who give of themselves, asking little in return, save a chance to serve the cause of the greater good. Over the years, there are many who have given generously of their time and effort, helping us grow into the organization we are today. Our volunteers are a critical part of the organization’s structure and we are truly grateful to have them with us.

ADAPT transforms – not only its students, but every person who visits or volunteers with us. With our vision of inclusion embracing all, we consider every volunteer a critical part of our organization. We welcome any effort, for any period of time, appreciating that volunteers ask little in return but a chance to serve the cause of the greater good. 

From teaching, training and playing with our students, to helping out in the garden, to celebrating special occasions with us, we invite everyone who would like to reach out – child, youth or senior citizen – to volunteer with ADAPT. We assure them of a heart-warming, rewarding experience that will change their perspective, perhaps forever.

We have volunteering opportunities in areas of design, marketing, social media content creation and library services. Inputs and services in these areas are most welcome and awaited. We have had a few volunteers helping us in these areas but we shout out for more to be involved with us as these drives are imperative and we need fresh talent to support us in our endeavor to make our Persons with Disability and our services visible and to garner attention from community and sensitize them.

ADAPT offers internships to young students aspiring to be change makers in the society. The immense satisfaction that the interaction provides to the students is immeasurable. As they say sharing is caring and aptly so the interns and the students mutually benefit with the engagement. We call upon young social scientist to join ADAPT as interns. Come, help us make an Impact!

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